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Published on Saturday, August 21, 2010 in the Waterloo Region Record and Guelph Mercury



Jak's Story

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Aaron Bell, Ojibway Storyteller's first book, Jak's Story, is now available through Dundurn Publishing based out of Toronto, Ontario at your favourite local bookstore.

During one of his many engagements at schools throughout Southern Ontario, a librarian was so impressed with his engagement that she recommended him to Dundurn Publishing.  Dundurn Publishing contacted Aaron and asked if he was interested in writing a book.  Aaron immediately jumped at the opportunity and the final product is Jak's Story.

The book shares the story of young Jak Lauren, a grade six student, who is having problems at home and at school.  His sanctuary is the magical ravine behind his house where he goes when he feels hurt.  There, Jak meets Grandfather Rock, who begins to introduce Jak to the story's and teachings of the First Nations people.  Through the story's and teachings of our ancestors, Jak begins to realize how to deal with the problems of today.  When a construction crew begins to cut down the trees of the ravine, Jak realizes he has to do something to save the beings that have been in the ravine for thousands of years!

Jak's Story is the first of hopefully a five book series.  All the books would named after one of Aaron's children and will deal with many of the problems facing our youth today.  History, adventure and imagination are the driving force behind Jak's Story and Aaron looks forward to continuing the the adventures of the Lauren family as they learn more about the land around them and the people that have lived there for thousands of years!

Book readings for schools are available!!

Aaron Bell, Ojibway Storyteller will share story's from the book as well as read his favourite, (or the students') favourite chapters from the book in an entertaining and educational engagement!

All the artwork within the book were also completed by Aaron Bell, Ojibway Storyteller and if classes would like him to share teachings on character design or artwork, please contact Aaron!

Aaron Bell, Ojibway Storyteller would love to hear your comments about the book!  Please email him at with your comments!

Buy Jak's Story


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