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Ojibway Storyteller offers many unique and educational programs for all ages!

Please look over the following programs and curriculum for what best suits your needs in regards to First Nations teachings and culture through the gifts of storytelling!

Educational: (All curriculums are based upon the Ministry of Education (Ontario) requirements in regards to First Nations, Early Civilizations and The Pioneers)


Grades K – 3:

At this young age, imagination is the greatest tool!  Through the story’s of our ancestors, teachings of the Elder Brother Animals and dramatic physical presence, Ojibway Storyteller will bring the gift of imagination alive for our youth!

“Do you ever wonder how bear lost his tail?  Or how butterflies get their colours?  Maybe you should listen with open ears and I will share with you how these things came to be…”

How Bear Lost His Tail, How Butterflies Got Their Colours, Anishinabae Nation, Southern Ontario

Time:                                        45 minutes
Participant Maximum:            20 students     

Recommended Craft workshop:   Clan Necklace      Time:    30 minutes


Grades 4 – 6:

Through the spoken word, Ojibway Storyteller will share with your students the origins of how the First Nations arrived here upon Turtle Island. The history of the First Nations and the First European Contact will also be shared in a unique, Hands-on, presentation brought directly into the classroom or gym!

“When the Europeans arrived here, they had a different view of the world as compared to First Nations People. The Iroquoian (Haudenosaunee) and the Ojibway (Anishinabae) looked drastically different…”

Teachings, Aaron Bell, European Arrival
Time:                                        60 minutes
Participant Maximum:                45 students     

For a more historical and in-depth presentation, a two hour presentation is also offered.  The Creation Story of the Iroquois as well as the history of the American Revolution through to the War of 1812 will be shared through story’s and historical references as seen through First Nations eyes.  The Origin of the Six Nations Confederacy will be shared through an artistic as well as dramatic presentation using hands-on materials!

“Joseph Brant was not a recognized “Chief” of the Confederacy; he was, however, an eloquent speaker, educated in the ways of the British as well as the Iroquois.  One of the main reasons that we are Canadian today, is mainly because of the Iroquoian participation within the American Revolution and the War of 1812…”

Teachings, Aaron Bell, American Revolution
Time:                                        120 minutes
Participant Maximum:             60 students 

Recommended Craft Workshop: Dreamcatcher                      Time:    120 minutes
                                              Circle of Life Keychain          Time:    45 minutes

*          Depending on how many participants

Grades 7 – 8:

At this age, teachings of moral responsibility, friendship, self-confidence and respect are shared through an entertaining performance involving audience participation, hands-on materials, craft workshops and storytelling.  Using association, drama and personal experience, Ojibway Storyteller will bring the teachings of yesterday into perspective for our youth of today.

“The young men didn’t know how to communicate with the young women for they were too different creatures.  They both wanted to speak, but didn’t know the right voice to use.  So they relied upon what was given to them…”

First Man, First Woman, Haida Nation, British Columbia

Time:                                        60 minutes
Participant Maximum:            60 students 

Recommended Craft Workshop: Choker Necklace:                   Time:    60 minutes
                                                Dreamcatcher:                        Time:    120 minutes

*          Depending on how many participants

 Grades 9 – 12;

This is the age of understanding and growth for your youth.  Our youth will be learning who they are and what they choose to do with their lives during this time.  Teachings of responsibility, self-discipline and self-awareness will be shared through an interactive presentation useful for drama, physical education, geography, history and written word.  Through storytelling, imagination and personal experience, Ojibway Storyteller can share the necessary teachings and gifts that our future leaders will rely upon in a healthy, humourous and educational way!

 Teachings of Art, Politics and Environment will be shared through hands-on materials, storytelling, audience participation and drama.

 “The artwork and symbolism within the First Nations is all based around history of family and story’s.  Everything can be shown through the eyes of the person viewing the piece of artwork.  Politics, government and family are all a part of an ever widening circle that encompasses us all…”

 Teachings, Aaron Bell

 Recommended Craft Workshop: Two Row Bracelet       Time:    45 minutes
                                                 Choker Necklace            Time:    60 minutes
                                                 Dreamcatcher                Time:    120 minutes

*          Depending on how many participants

Time:                                           60 minutes
Participant Maximum:                80 students

Aaron Bell, Ojibway Storyteller can arrive in full regalia or without at the request of the venue (client).  A question and answer period is also a must for any age!

Other topics

Post-Secondary and Organizations;

Native Sensitivity Training
Native Spirituality

Aaron Bell, Ojibway Storyteller has performed and shared his gifts with many different venues and organizations over the past fifteen years.  In an engaging and entertaining performance (lecture), Ojibway Storyteller will weave the teachings of the past into an inspiring and enlightening view of how First Nations people look at the world around them.  From the Oka Crisis to just watching grasshoppers, this presentation is magical in its entirety.  Through the use of voice, drama, association and just plain humour, Ojibway Storyteller shares his gifts and experience in a presentation that not only educates, but creates a different outlook on life for the audience. For a better understanding of what Ojibway Storyteller can share with you, please learn about our workshops

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