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Native Awareness / Sensitivity;

Through interactive storytelling, historical interpretations and performance, this workshop is meant to bring the history and teachings of the First Nations of Southern Ontario alive.  The First Nations have lived beside us for the past 500 hundred years.  Do you understand what the First Nations have contributed to the modern world?

Time:                                        90 minutes
Maximum Participants:           20


Native Spirituality;

Through the use of Smudge, hands-on materials, participation and interactive teachings, Aaron Bell, Ojibway Storyteller can share an introduction to the vast awareness of Native Spirituality.  Based upon one’s self, one’s family, one’s nation and one’s community, this workshop is meant to introduce you to the rich, cultural and spiritual life of the First Nations people of Southern Ontario.

Time:                                        60 minutes
Maximum Participants:           20


Storytelling through First Nations Perspective;

Useful for drama, self-confidence, parents and grand-parents, this workshop will share with you the importance of the spoken word, memory and teachings within the words.  Before there were books, there were storytellers…

The importance of Storytellers to First Nations was vast.  We are the teachers, the historians and the entertainment.  Weaved within the words of the storyteller were the teachings that our youth needed and still need to this day. Learning how to share the gift of imagination with our youth is a skill that could well be used by many educators in many different ways...

Time:                                        90 minutes
Maximum Participants:           20


History through First Nations Eye’s;

During this interactive workshop, participants will begin to see the difference between two nations as they collided to create a new one.  Canada as well as the United States would not be existent today, if not for the contributions of the First Nations people.  Through enlightening and entertaining storytelling, historical interpretation and audience participation, this workshop is sure to open your eye’s to the First Nations view of History.

 Time:                                        60 – 90 minutes
Maximum Participants:            20

Workshop requirements:            Contact ojibwaystoryteller@sympatico.ca


Craft Workshops:

Dreamcatcher -          The Dreamcatcher is one of the most iconic images of the First Nations people.  Create your own Dreamcatcher and learn the history behind this beautiful and purposeful work of skill.

                                    Time:                120 min
Participants      20 - 40
Grades 6 and up

*picture of Dreamcatcher forthcoming

 Clan Necklace -         Listen to the story of the origin of the clans and then create your own clan necklace using authentic materials!

                                    Time:                20 min
Participants      20 - 40
Grades k and up

 *picture of clan necklace forthcoming

 Two row bracelet-    Create your own bracelet using multiple beads and authentic materials!

                                    Time:                45 – 60 min
Participants      20 - 40
Grades 6 and up

 *picture of two row bracelet forthcoming


Choker Necklace-       Create your own version of this visually striking form of decoration using authentic materials and colours!

                                    Time:                60 – 90 min
Participants      20 – 40
Grades 8 and up


*picture of choker necklace forthcoming


Beaded Key Ring-      Teachings of the circle of life are shared while you create your own unique key ring using coloured beads of your choice!

                                    Time:                30 min
Participants:     20 – 40
Grades 4 and up


*picture of Beaded Key Ring forthcoming 

Workshop requirements:            All materials are provided by Ojibway Storyteller

                        Other questions contact ojibwaystoryteller@sympatico.ca


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