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Friends of The Ojibway Storyteller

There are many people who have made Ojibway Storyteller happen. Please follow any links below to acknowledge their contributions…

Enterprise Brant
To start your own small business!

Aboriginal Business Canada

To Our Parents..

Steve and Gail Bell
Without whom I would not be me

Malcom and Carol Nicholson
Without whom I would not have Barb

Both have supported and provided for our family in many ways, from computers to our home to furniture and most importantly, their love, support and continued belief in myself, Barb, Joey, Chelsey, Kierra and Daxxon. We will continue to work to make both of you as proud of us, as possible, for your sacrifices that you have made on our behalf…

“There’s nothing like the power of a parent who doesn’t understand why a child does what they did in youth, but still loves and wishes to see their children prosper through nothing but devoted love and caring…”

On behalf of the both of us, our children,
Thank you so very much…

Every single dancers, drummer and singer who has performed with or for White Pine Dancers…







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The Dancers

Steve and Gail Bell
The best in Supply Chain Management for many company’s

The Best in Southern Ontario Photography
Guelph, Ontario

Darlene Lamb-Photographer

Kevin Anderson- Photographer

Nick Head- Peterson- Photographer

Petal Furness, Owen Sound, contributing photographer
from the beginning!
Grey Roots Museum


Woodland Cultural Centre

Kanata Native Traditional Village
(Currently unavailable to the public)
Charles “Skip” Pennell

Garret Jones
The Origin and Continued Believer

Grand Experiences Canoe and Kayak
Jamie Kent
Paris, Ontario
Highway of the Iroquois

Brantford Tourism
Home of Wayne Gretzky

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Friends of Ojibway Storyteller


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