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Why Gonrah Desgohwah White Pine Dancers?

For the past eight years, Gonrah Desgohwah White Pine Dancers have performed for over 35,000 guests both locally and internationally in some of Southern Ontario’s most celebrated educational venues!  Audiences across Southern Ontario and beyond have stated that our performance was not only entertaining, but educational as well.  Many audience members commented that they had learned more about First Nations culture during our one hour performance then they had anywhere else!  Our performances are interactive as well as colourful and vibrant.  Our audiences always come away with a  smile on their face, a smile in their spirit and a smile in their hearts…

 The power of movement,

The rhythm of History,

The story’s of our ancestors,

Shared with you…


History and Background

The Gonrah Desgohwah White Pine Dancers, pronounced (gon-rah-dis-go-wah) meaning “tree with five needles”, in the Onondaga Language (Haudenosaunee, Six Nations, Iroquois) is based out of Brantford, Ontario.  Gonrah Desgohwah White Pine Dancers consists of family and friends dedicated to sharing their gifts of song, dance and stories with international as well as local audiences.  The primary troupe consists of five to six dancers, singers and storytellers, however, we can bring up to fifteen performers to any event.

Started originally at Kanata Village in Brantford, Ontario, Gonrah Desgohwah White Pine Dancers were originated by Garret Jones.  Eights years have passed since this time and we are still trying to create a more understanding today so that there is less misunderstanding for our children tomorrow…


Where have we performed?

-       Five years Kanata Native Traditional Village

-       Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Festival of Storytelling

-       Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario

-       HarbourFront Centre, Toronto, Planet Indigenous

-       Pier 21, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Nations in a Circle

-       Seven years, Crawford Lake, Fall Festival, Milton, Ontario

-       Seven years, Unionville, Canada Day Festivities, Unionville, Ontario

-       Ghost River Rediscovery, Fundraising Event, Calgary, Alberta

-       Solstice Festival, Yellowknife, N.W.T.

-       Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts, Brantford, Ontario

-       Orillia Opera House, Orillia, Ontario

-       Buffalo State College, Buffalo, New York

-       Mississauga Waterfront Festival, Mississauga, Ontario

-       Anishinabae Outreach, Aboriginal Day Festivities, Kitchener, Ontario

-       Brantford Canada Day Festival, Brantford, Ontario

-       Dufferin County Museum, Traces Festival

-       London Museum of Archaeology, London, Ontario

-       Ske – Noh – Doht Native Village, London, Ontario

-       Over fifty School Performances


Gonrah Desgohwah White Pine Dancers” bring performers from all over Southern Ontario to share with your guests or students. We are always looking for new dancers, singers and storytellers! If you would like to apply to become a member of White Pine, please contact!


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