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The Dancers 


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The Performance:
(Festivals, Schools, Organizations and Events)

Gonrah Desgohwah White Pine Dancers can perform any length of performance for our clients needs!

The standard performance ranges from 45 minutes to 60 minutes in length and consists of vibrant colour, flowing movement and thundering drums!

Explanations and descriptions of the dances will take place during the performance to educate through entertainment…

Live voices dance across the stage as our performers share with you their gift of song…

Ojibway Storyteller weaves the teachings of our ancestors through his words…

Experience the magic of First Nations History through dance and song…

New This YearFull Day White Pine Experience! 
(Schools, Educators and Teachers)

  • One Full Gonrah Desgohwah White Pine Performance with a question and answer period!

  • Two Dance Workshops, Men’s Traditional and Woman’s Fancy (30 min)

  • Regalia Workshops with dancers

  • Two Craft Workshops (clients choice due to time)

  • One Storytelling engagement (60 min)

Times are at the discretion of the client or venue! 
Contact for any further questions!



Dance Workshops;      Men’s Traditional and Woman’s Fancy
(If you know of any other dances that you would like us to share with you, let us know!)           

These dance workshops introduce the participants to the steps used by our performers.  Explanations of the regalia, the meanings of the steps and the origins of the dances will be explained.

White Pine Performers will be your facilitators during these workshops

Time:      30 min – 60 min

Number of participants: 10 – 20

Regalia Workshops;

During this workshop, participants will learn how to design their own regalia based upon the knowledge of our performers!  What shapes to use, the origins of the particular dance regalia will also be shared in this engaging and colourful workshop for both girls and boys!

White Pine Performers will be your facilitators for these workshops!

Storytelling Performance; 

Aaron Bell, Ojibway Storyteller will share his unique gifts of storytelling with your students during an engaging hour performance using hands-on materials such as hand-drums, wolf pelts and turtle shells!

Time:          60 min
Number of Participants 20 – 40

Craft Workshops;

 Craft Workshops:

Dreamcatcher -    The Dreamcatcher is one of the most iconic images of the First Nations people.  Create your own Dreamcatcher and learn the history behind this beautiful and purposeful work of skill. 

Time:                120 min
Participants      20 - 40
Grades 6 and up

Clan Necklace - Listen to the story of the origin of the clans and then create your own clan necklace using authentic materials!

Time: 20 min
Participants 20 - 40
Grades k - 3

Two row bracelet- Create your own bracelet using multiple beads and authentic materials!

Time: 45 – 60 min
Participants 20 - 40
Grades 6 and up

Choker Necklace- Create your own version of this visually striking form of decoration using authentic materials and colours!

Time: 60 – 90 min
Participants 20 – 40
Grades 8 and up

Beaded Key Ring- Teachings of the circle of life are shared while you create your own unique key ring using coloured beads of your choice!

Time: 30 min
Participants: 20 – 40
Grades 4 and up

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